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WARNING! Don't even think of following any so-called "Horse Racing Expert's" Advice Until You have Read This...

How even placing a small bet every so often, you can make enough money to pay for a holiday in the sun.

Its so simple, let us do all the work for you, wake up, open your email if there is a bet, then place it!

Oh yes, then collect your winnings!

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Hello horse racing fan.

For the last few months there has been a new club that is now starting to make heads turn.

This club is a no frills service, that is showing it's members you can earn money on a regular basis from betting on the horses!

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Each morning (mon - sat) the members of this club receive an email that gives them the information they need to make their betting bank swell.

The great thing is this club is not exclusive, but to join you must have patience and a willingness to take action, and make a bet everyday we give you a selection.

You do not even have to bet a large sum of money...

At long last I have found a tipping service that puts it's money where it's mouth is.

Donald Justin - member

...If you would have started with just a bet at the beginning of the year and just used that ( without using our banking plan), your would now be worth 4.82 or 139.56 if you would have used our simple and safe banking plan.

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Just to put this is to perspective, if you bet 00 per point and started with a bank of 0.00 and used our simple banking plan you would now have a bank of 1895.55 which would have doubled 1 times since the 1st January 2003.

For those of you who do not think that is much, then tell us where else you could invest 00 and turn it into 4.82 / 9.56 in just over 4 months.

A bank or building society - if you lock it away for 10 Years at the highest interest rate you can find after charges you probably still won't get there.

Stocks and Shares - long term unless you are a big gambler and you will not do it with not even with penny shares.

The lottery - if you happen to be the 1 out of 30 million who wins it, and how many tickets would you have to buy.

The Casino - How many coins do they put in those slots at, before they get a win!.

I am a member of a few tipping services, but this is one of the most consistant, it's nothing short of amazing!

Vinson - member

I know by now your a little skeptical, who wouldn't be, we know the old saying as well...

"If it's to good to be true it usually is!"

That's why we give all our members a 7 day FREE trial.

So no matter which way you decide to pay, your first 7 days are FREE.

Then you can make up your own mind, whether it's to good to be true.

I get praised a lot for my naps because of the returns they give, but "My daily Nap" narrows the field even further, but still seems to find some pretty good odds on occasions.

I recommend this service to anyone who wants a low cost "one a day" type tipping service.

David Turner

So how does it work.

Simple everyday you get an email, (we try to get it to you by 8.30am) this email will give you the days nap (if there is one).

You go to your bookie (online or off) place your bet and wait for your winnings.

Ok hands up! we know it is impossible to win everyday, but you can see that we have done pretty good so far, and with our 7 Days FREE trial what do you have to lose.

So now you want to know how much this is going to cost you...

First Month Just 99 a month.

Thankyou for producing such a consistant service, I would happily pay 3 time the amount you are charging!

I am looking forward to a good holiday this year and with the banking plan, should get a new kitchen as well!

Linda Chapman - member

We know it's a silly price, but we are not promising we are going to make you 1000's of pounds over a month or two (although anything is possible), we want to earn you a regular return on your money.

And we have to, otherwise we will be giving these tips away to you FREE every month.

But that's not all...

We decided to throw in some bonuses.

Bonus 1.

27 Horse Racing Systems
After we receive your first months payment of 99 we will give you 27 horse racing systems, now we don't believe you will need them, but a lot of people are interested in different systems.

Bonus 2
Turners Winners Galore
After we receive your second months payment of you will receive "Turners Winners Galore" this system produces regular winners and sells for �.99

We are planning further bonuses and special offers to our members.

So now you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why not
take up your 7 days FREE membership and see if it is to good to be true!

The funny thing is many of our members are now asking us to raise the price and shut the door on new people coming in!

Although we will guarantee to keep the price the same for existing members we may have to consider raising the price shortly for all new members.

So to make sure you get your tips at this great value:

Click here to join the club that will finally make you some money.

I see now why you offer the Guarantee...
You don't have to pay it!

This is from a true skeptic, who takes a lot of convincing.

William Skates - member

Click here now to join up and get your 7 Days FREE trial.

Good luck

The team at My Daily Nap

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